what we do and how we do it

WHy Choose Us?

We have successfully delivered more than 45 different projects in Ethiopia.

15+ Years of Experience

W e have managed to gain excellent rack record of safety, quality and satisfaction of our customer

Professional Services

Our Engineers and Architects are skilled professionals with dedication to safety and customer satisfaction and they are ready to assist you on your next project

Guaranteed Quality

We are dedicated to build a lasting legacy that will stand out bold. We don't compromise safety and quality, every project is a human story to be told

Building Construction

You have your own building plans or design concept? Or do you want a custom design and build? Our team will be happy to build your property according to the plans and specifications we agreed upon.

Whether for the construction residential house, apartments, college and educational institutions, community spaces, health facilities, our team will be happy to assist you at every stage of your building project.

Road and Earthwork

We specialized in earth work of road construction and building construction separately to introduce an advanced construction techniques and new solution for the future era of construction industry, and capacity building in general specifically on building up of reputation, staff development, systems design and improvement, quality control, costing & cost control, management information systems, and upgrading systems.

Using out machinery and from our sister company, we have the capacity to take on projects of pavements and earthwork both in cities and rural road projects.

Do you have a construction project in mind?

To build a reputable brand that is the most technologically advanced, clean and transparent service provider in the construction sector.
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Earth Work
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